How does Kinemo work

Kinemo uses custom tracers that adheres on any body part with sufficient motion such as the head, face, hand, fingers, shoulder, etc. Motion data from the tracers are processed by our wearable accessory called Connect, which then directs control outputs to digital devices via Bluetooth or to a wireless receiver placed on the power wheelchair.

What systems does Kinemo work with?

Kinemo is compatible with popular wheelchair models form Permobil, Quantum Rehab, Sunrise Medical, Invacare, and others.

Kinemo also controls any digital device that uses Bluetooth including all mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and any computer (Mac OS, Windows, Linux).

Who is Kinemo designed for?

Most users of Kinemo will likely be diagnosed with a form of tetraplegia, but that is not a requirement to benefit from Kinemo. Our wearable alternative controller is designed for anyone that cannot use their upper extremities (hands, fingers) to easily operate a joystick to drive their wheelchair, and/or to access their digital devices (touchscreen, keyboard, mouse). As long as the user can move one body part anywhere on their body, they can generate a combination of proportional and discrete output controls.


How do I get one?

The Kinemo team is focusing on perfecting our product before its official release. We’re thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for early access by helping us test our product. Contact us if you or someone you know would be interested in participating.