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Are you ready for the future of alternative control for mobility and digital access? We're thrilled to invite qualified participants to join in the early beta testing of Kinemo. As we gear up to refine Kinemo for prime time, we need your invaluable feedback to identify technical and operational challenges. Your insights will directly shape the future of Kinemo, making it more intuitive, efficient, and accessible for all.

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Influence the development of Kinemo by providing invaluable feedback.

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Experience firsthand how Kinemo can improve your quality of life.

Shape the future

Help refine Kinemo to make it more intuitive, efficient, and accessible for all.

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Qualified participants

  • Are located in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Rely on alternative drive systems for their power wheelchair or alternative controls for digital device access.

  • Have sufficient control and visible range of motion in at least one body part for proportional control.

  • Can produce visible gestures with at least one other body part.

  • Have a consistent caregiver available for the duration of the testing.

  • Are proficient in using a mobile device and a computer.