New alternative drive proportional control for power wheelchair

Welcome to the channel that gives you quick tidbits about Assistive Technology. The goal is to increase awareness of options to help people with a lifetime need for support from mobility system technology. If you are a physician, therapist, caregiver, or person with a disability this information should help you be more effective in prescribing/advocating for these devices and increase you knowledge about what options are out there.

Coexist Assistive Technology

7/24/20231 min read

This is a brief introduction to Kinemo - a new and innovative alternative drive system. It can be a fully proportional drive system if someone has a location with two axis of movement However, it can also work with one axis of movement combined with switch control. Some key benefits: - Allows the head support to focus on comfort and positioning support instead of combining switch functions into the headrest. - Can easily be moved to different locations on the body if someone’s condition changes or there is progression in the disease without requiring purchasing a new alternative drive system/controller

**Note: this device has not gone through FDA approval or the Medicare coding process yet. Therefore, it is not available through insurance yet.

Video done at the 2023 RESNA Conference