Breaking Boundaries: Trailblazing Assistive Tech at the RESNA Developers' Showcase

Guest hosts Drs. Michelle Zorrilla and Julie Faieta bring you a unique episode recorded live on the exhibit hall floor at the 2023 RESNA Annual Conference. We present a lineup of remarkable innovators who are shaping the future of assistive technology. Feature guests: Kinemo by Georgia Tech - Nordine Sebkhi

Impact Tech Podcast

8/19/20231 min read


Host : Dr. Michelle Zorrilla, Associate Director of Technology Translation, and Dr. Julie Faieta, Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Rehabilitation Science Researcher and Licensed Clinical Occupational Therapist
Guests: RESNA Developers' Showcase Teams (see below for more information)

00:00 Introduction 
02:13 Stephanie - VehiCLE  
03:48 Wayne - Wall Storage  
05:51 Leslie - Hummingbird  
09:46 Karen - Work Access  
13:04 Finn - Auli Tech  
16:20 Nadine - Kinemo  
21:01 Roger - MyAccessibleHome  
25:07 Todd - PowerFlex  

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1. VehiCLE by the Cleveland VA Technology Transfer Program - Stephanie Bailey | Website
2. Fully Accessible Wall Storage by Novabiz - Wayne Crowley | Website
3. The Hummingbird by the Prism Lab at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto - Leslie Mumford | Website
4. Work ACCESS by the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation at Georgia Tech - Karen Milchus
5. Cato by Auli Tech - Finn Biggs | YouTubeEmail
6. Kinemo by Georgia Tech - Nordine Sebkhi | WebsiteLinkedIn
7. myAcessibleHome App by R2D2 Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Roger Smith | Website
8. PowerFlex by Soul Mobility - Todd Hargroder | Website

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